Tumbling Walls


So we have this spare room in our house.  This is because we spent last summer having a room built in our garage, a room which is a delicious haven.  We ❤ this room so moishe.

Anyway, we have this spare room and on the other side of the wall from it we have a very crowded horrible dining area.  Our long wonderful table is crammed up against a wall, and the children are forced to sit on a hard wooden bench.  That’s not going to change, because hello, they are children and have resilient little butts, but it makes it difficult to have any guests at all.

So we called everyone’s favorite siding-wallah, the esteemed Kenny, and asked if he’d some have a look-see.  If we could get it done on the cheap we’d be interested in perhaps removing the wall between the two areas.  He looked-saw and said yes, this could be done, and cheaply.  Plus he could put in a dog door in the laundry room.


So today he arrived and began EXTREME MAKEOVER LESBIAN EDITION.  Uh, truncated version.



First, like any good handyman guy, he put up a big plastic sheet to contain the dust.  This also served the purpose of sealing the rest of the house off from circulating air of any kind, which the dog took full advantage of by floating a series of air biscuits that defy description.  But I digress.  *cough*

Locking in freshness

Next he began the intricate process of taking the wall down.  This involved playing rock hits of the 80’s and shouting conversation to me through the plastic while he pried sheetrock off the wall to make sure he didn’t do something silly like cut through electrical wiring.  Presumably this wouldn’t be good, so I was okay with it.

Otto provides expert supervision. All he needs is a clipboard and a Starbucks.

Shortly thereafter, the wall came down.

Long live the wall!

I then had to make a trip to the store, because for some reason if I’m in the house when Kenny works on anything electrical it doesn’t turn out well.  In this case he only had to cap some stuff and pull dead wires through holes in the ceiling, but I wasn’t taking any chances.   In case you are curious, I got some dish soap and broccoli and dark brown sugar.

Shortly thereafter, Kenny finished working his peculiar brand of magic and we cleaned things up and here, after a brief review of the “before” picture, is the result:

"Before," again



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