We’re peeing in sunshine (woh-ooooah)


So today The Lovely Rhonda and I had a little time on our hands.  It was the last unstructured day of the “vacation” that we took.

I was restless.  I have the hormones, you see, and lordy do they make me crazier than a shithouse rat.  Also, I’ve been under some stress about Stuff I Don’t Want To Talk About Here, and the combination of the two is never good.  Ask TLR.  She keeps a stash of cardboard boxes in the garage against the day when she can no longer stand me.  For my stuff, you see.  To put in the driveway.

Anyway, what I often find myself doing when I’m Like This is shopping.  Not like crazy buying stuff I can’t afford and don’t need shopping, but like browsing in thrift stores and rarely buying more than a paperback book shopping.  Just poking around.

We ended up in a discount home goods store where we spied a delicious shower curtain, competitively priced.  We’ve had the one we’re using now for a long time, it has monkeys on it and it’s not terribly sophisticated according to my mother.  Although she’s not inclined to say such things unsolicited or anything, but when I told her about the new one she said, ever so delicately, “Is it more…. sophisticated than the one you had?”

So we both fall in love with its riotous colors and general lack of primates, and TLR, because she is perfect in every way, turns to me and says, How about we buy this and then go to Homey’s and pick up some paint and paint the bathroom?  Like today right now?


So we do, and we pick out paint and we bring it home.  And we paint like our lives depend on it.  Because tomorrow we have plans, and the weekend is full of things to do, and school starts next week, and we both go back to work, and and and.

Which is how the bathroom is suddenly violently orange in places and searing, retina-exploding yellow in others.

Also, we got a new bath rug which is purple.  It all makes sense, trust me.


Believe it or not, this is an improvement!


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