Another use for Coban ™


So today I’m cleaning our bedroom, the loveliest room in the house.  It’s suffered from neglect because the rest of the house always gets attention first, but my mom and stepdad are coming over tomorrow.  There’s an electrical issue affecting some of the outlets and the overhead light in that room so they’ll want to go in there.  Eek.

We bought a shoe rack a while back to keep our impressively large collection of shoes on.  It’s made of metal rods, you know the kind I mean.  The front of the shoe rests slightly lower than the back of the shoe (assuming you put your shoes on it so that their backs are to the wall).

Unfortunately, while I was deeply satisfied with many things about this rack, such as its price, functionality, even its appearance which was quite benign — it had an annoying tendency.  It’s very lightweight and the metal rods are so smooth that the shoes have nothing to grip, and if you bump the rack or attempt to remove a pair of shoes from it, all the pairs of shoes come sliding off of it in a cascade.

This is particularly irritating early in the morning when you’re trying to be quiet while the other occupant of the room is still sleeping.  The shoes fall off the rack quietly, but the swearing is difficult to keep at a low volume.

We poked around at a few hardware and home-improvement stores looking for grippy tape of the sort that you put on outdoor stairs to keep people from slipping on them, but to no avail.  Then as we stared at the umpteenth roll of unsuitable tape, this time a cloth athletic tape, it slapped me upside my head out of nowhere:  Coban ™.  That rubbery, stretchy bandage roll that sticks to itself, used mainly by phlebotomists when they take your blood at the lab.

It’s grippy.  It’s easily obtainable.  And, if you know where to go, it’s cheap.

Where to go is the feed store.  People who have horses use Coban-type bandage for all kinds of things.  It comes in a variety of exciting colors, and it’s MUCH less expensive than the kind at the drugstore.

Five bucks for two rolls of black self-gripping elastic bandage (black because it’s my bedroom, not a rave party) and the shoes are neatly on the rack and only a comprehensive attack on the shoerack’s integrity will remove the shoes prematurely.

Aren’t you glad I’m so smart?  I know I am.


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