Staycation Indeed


So we took this week off, The Lovely Rhonda and I. We were so looking forward to Vegas or Disneyland or something.

Except then we bought a new (used) minivan.

So we were so looking forward to some day trips.

Except then we ended up with kids today and Friday.

So we were so looking forward to maybe a bike ride today.

Except we both had terrible headaches all day yesterday, and this morning the youngest child was vomiting so we couldn’t leave her with our manny.

So we were kind of thinking we’d see a movie tonight or something.  Maybe.

Then tomorrow The Lovely Rhonda has a dental appointment.  FOR A ROOT CANAL.  And then some work thing to do.

And the next day?  I have to work from 7:30-10am and then my parents are coming over to look at the electrical problem in our bedroom.  I’m thrilled to get the thing looked at, don’t get me wrong, but it ain’t exactly vacation material.

Well, okay at least we have tickets to a show Wednesday night.  That’ll be fun.

Thursday?  Thursday so far is free. THE WORLD IS OUR OYSTER!

Except we get the kids back Thursday afternoon/evening.

So now I’m starting to wonder why we took this week off.


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  1. I am wondering the same thing?! It doesn’t sound like any sort of wonderful time off! Hopefully the next time you take off is great!!

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