It’s A Wrap


So we went to see the last Potter film at midnight last night.

Actually, the local MegaMovieTheaterCorpInc had an 8pm showing of Part The First for five bucks, so we figured what the hell, we’ve got seven hours of our meager, insignificant lives to devote to this cultural phenomenon.   We’re just pathetic that way.

It happened that I hopped on the internet at just the right time to score tickets to both parts.  This was pure, magical luck.

We got to the theater at 7pm and were told to get in line.  The good news: we would be released into the wilds of the theater at the end of our Part The First and be allowed to enter whatever auditorium we’d be seeing Part The Second in, before the teeming masses of nerds, dorks and geeks that were piling up outside. Actually we referred to them as Muggles, as in, “have they let the Muggles in yet?”

We faced the daunting around-the-building line and I recall saying to The Lovely Rhonda, dubiously, “So… we have to find the end of the 8pm line?”  “Yep,” she said, and then briskly, “or — HEY! HOW YA DOIN’!” and launched herself into the unwitting arms of one of her nursing school chums who was loitering in the line about 15 people away from the front door.

And that is how we scored fantastic seats to a sold out show after a paltry 15 minutes in line.  TLR’s friend had been waiting since 1:30pm.  We so owe her.  I think we’ve gone beyond “we owe you a beer” straight into “we owe you as many pitchers of blended margatinis as you would care to have.”

And so we watched Part The First, and the audience was lovely, very attentive as though in the company of old friends — which I suppose you could say we were.

But of course we were all nervous about our seats for Part The Second, so midway through the burial of Dobby — ONLY THE MOST POIGNANT SCENE IN ANY OF THE FILMS TO DATE — a steady stream of Potterites began tiptoing out so as to race more swiftly to the next destination.  We gave in to this (HUSH WE CAN WATCH IT ON DVD NOW MOVE! MOVE! MOVE!) and found when we arrived at auditorium 16 that we were something like the 5th and 6th persons to enter it.  Yay!

We partook of the popcorn and drank of the soda, and shortly after midnight it began, and we were rapt and enthralled and entertained, we laughed, we cried, it became a part of the collective us — and then, it was over.

Just like that, a ten year journey is done.

What comes next?



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