So Saturday night the wife and I went out on the town and saw us a show.  It was Lyle Lovett and John Hiatt, unplugged, at a fancy downtown venue.

This same venue used to be a down-on-its-luck concert hall, back in the day, a bedraggled shadow of its original glory.  It opened in the Hollywood heyday and had fallen into disrepair by the early 80’s, when callous youth such as myself went there to see rock-n-roll shows.  Or in my particular case, Devo.  Contact high, anyone?

But I digress.  *cough*

Nowadays it’s all remodeled and lovely and named after the loaded benefactors who sponsored its resurrection, and it’s truly a lovely place to see a show.  And this being Portland, some people show up dressed to the nines and others show up in jeans and sandals.  We fell somewhere in between.

Lyle Lovett is a dainty man who sings very eloquently, and John Hiatt is a little meatier, a little more raw and robust, and they complement one another very well.  Mr. Lovett sang every song I wanted to hear, nearly, and we had great seats, and it was a delightful evening.   You’re sorry you missed it.


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