So Far Today


Today was that rare occasion: a day totally alone, no plans, no nothing.  Okay, I should have gone to church, but I had this idea that I would do something useful to the house.  The Lovely Rhonda and our babysitter/housekeeper/friend Amber painted the kitchen last week and it got me in the mood to Improve the Home.

So, this morning I got my mow on early, thanks to unexpected help from a friend (thanks Josh!), and between us we got all kinds of crazy stuff done.  The whole back yard is mowed, the weeds have been whacked (to the extent that the whacker battery would allow), the patio has been hosed and scrubbed and hosed again because hosing alone did not remove the ground-in filth; all the of patio furniture has been hosed off and in some cases scrubbed; the cooler full of beverages from a party we had last fall was discovered, emptied, scrubbed and returned to the garage… the list goes on and on.

The mowing alone was a bit of a chore.   The delightful weather is perfect for growing grass, or in our case, weeds.  Rainy with just enough sun to encourage explosive growth.  Josh mowed the entire thing and then declined to allow me to buy him lunch.  I whacked weeds, pulled weeds, battled weeds, cursed at weeds, and occasionally texted Rhonda about weeds.  Good times!

And now to visit the Home Improvement store for some odds and ends!   Yay!


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