Monthly Archives: April 2011

Office Space


So three months ago when I applied for this job, I entertained a little pipedream about actually being hired for it.  I went to the dollar store and found a pencil cup and I put it away in the hopes that one day, I would have a desk to put it on.

Today, it came to pass that we determined where that desk would be.

Of course, now I have to find the damn pencil cup.  Kinda wish I’d written down where I stashed it, forlorn and hopeful, against the day when it might be put to use.  Sort of spoils the poignancy, what with all the cursing while I search for it.


This Just In


At last, a post that has nothing to do with any of my digestive processes!

So a couple of months ago my boss quit, and I was encouraged to apply for her position.  Which I did, and although there was a bit of a hitch in the process (not of my doing nor having anything to do with me personally), at last it has come to pass.   I got the job.

Now to hire enough nurses so that I might actually have time to do the job.

How Not To Have Fun


So things in the digestive region of Yours Truly have been rather iffy for some time, and thus I find that I am obligated to attend an Unpleasant Appointment tomorrow.  There will be a Procedure.  Call it a fact-finding mission, if you will.  Sure, let’s call it that.  It’s recon.

In the meantime I’d just like to have a quick word with the sadist who designed the prep necessary for these Unpleasant Procedures.  I have drank deeply of the indicated little bottles of interesting substances, and if I could stay out of the restroom long enough I’d tell you all about it in detail.  But since there is much traveling up and down the hall to be done this evening, let me just say that indoor plumbing may be the most important innovations of our time.  Forget putting a man on the moon — giving him a flush toilet here on Earth is more meaningful to me at this particular moment in time.