Dorkish brilliance


So tonight The Lovely Rhonda and I attended an informational dinner put on by the pharmacy I use at work and a drug company.  It wasn’t a “look at our new wonder miracle drug” thing where they push promotional items at you and wink madly hoping you’ll use their drugs.  First off we were mostly nurses and pharmacy workers, so we don’t prescribe, and doctors don’t listen to us, unless they are exceptionally forward thinking and then only about our insights into our clients, not our opinions about medications.  I mean seriously.  I may be extremely intelligent but I didn’t go to medical school.

It was this rumpled little man who studied at Yale and was at Rutgers and has published a million articles and written books and friends, he was a walking encyclopedia of actually interesting and useful information.  And he was expressive, and totally without pretense (despite the nearly constant dropping of Yale and Rutgers and being all published, which I didn’t really take as pretense but merely fact) and on the whole a total dork, but a brilliant one.

And did I mention the ribeye steaks and the delicious dessert and the wine?

All in all, a fantastic evening, and free other than what we paid the sitter.


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