Mystery solved?


This blog has become, alarmingly, more and more focused on minor physical ailments.  I solemnly swear to blog more about other things, RIGHT AFTER THIS POST.

So a few months ago I started getting this weird, red, irritated rash on my neck.  Only my neck.  It itched a little.

I put some ointment on it, it went away.

I stopped putting ointment on it, it came back.

I changed hair care products.  No change.  I stopped wearing a necklace that I usually wear most days, thinking the silver had worn off the chain and the nickel was bothering me.  No change.  I sacrificed a young goat.  No change.

Okay, just kidding about the goat.

Then in the past week or so I started getting a red bumpy rash on my arms, mainly near my elbows.  It didn’t itch but it was annoying.

I had to go to urgent care about the elbow infection thing (see previous post) and asked the doc there, but of course the rash was not really in evidence that particular day (the ointment was working) so results were inconclusive.  Try an antihistamine to see if it changes anything, then at least you’ll know it’s probably an allergy.

Well, so I’d been looking at topical allergies, but now — was it something I was ingesting?

Finally I had a look at my nightly vitamin regime.  Nothing in it but vitamins…  But one of them I only started taking a few months ago.

I stopped taking all of them for a few nights.  The rash is gone.

I’ll give it a week or two, during which I’m sure malnutrition will set in, my teeth will loosen and my bones will get soft and bendy, and then I’ll start introducing vitamins back one at a time and see which one is bothering me.  I suspect it’s the vitamin D…

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