Birthday fun in the Emerald City


The Lovely Rhonda celebrated another year of planetary domination last weekend, so we took this show on the road and spent a couple of days in Seattle just for a change of scenery.

It was fun and we might have gotten some interesting photos had I brought the camera.  I did take some little movies which I’ll post also, but here are some pictures from my cellphone.  Wexley!

We didn’t know what the hell this was, but we later googled it.  Advertising firm.

The interior looked like a faux Chinese restaurant!  Far too cool to make any sense.

We went to the Experience Music Project, which was fun.  Perhaps the most compelling thing was this sign for the washrooms.

This one suggests we were not having any fun, but we really were.  The Lovely Rhonda and her BFF, Bobby, waiting in the bar at The Keg.

This picture is not birthday related, so deal.  Today as I was preparing to leave the house, our youthful yet curmudgeonly cat affectionately known as Grampaw (because he’s all YOU KIDS GIT OFF OUR PROPERTY!) decided that Otto’s bed was looking pretty comfy.  Otto didn’t know whether to shit or go blind, obviously, but he’s just smart enough (barely) to hold very still and wait it out.

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