Let No Good Deed Go Unpunished


A little while ago we got some half-price admissions to an indoor play space off of one of those group deal sites, and since the children were off school today I took a day off so we could all go, and I quote, “let the kids have some fun.”

Well, we thought the rules were simple: use the toilet for its intended purpose, instead of whatever garments you might be wearing on your nether regions, and we will stay and play.  Violate this rule and we will go home.

Naturally, we had to head home at least an hour ahead of what we had hoped, sacrificing wholesale gaming slaughter a promising game of Yahtzee with friends.  Thanks, kids.

In the car the most disgruntled one proclaims: “Well when we get home I’m going to stay in my room!  And I’m NOT HAVING ANY DINNER!”  We were hard pressed as to why this would be a bad thing inasmuch as it pertained to everyone else, but we went along with it anyway.   Unfortunately she changed her mind, but at least if she’s going to be among us she’s behaving fairly well so far.

We had talked tentatively about a pilgrimage to that mecca of wholesome family spending entertainment, Disneyland, but obviously this will have to be pushed out a ways longer.  No way are we allowing any of our children to soil the hallowed grounds in Anaheim with their ill-managed bodily functions.

I’m starting to think we should just feign ignorance and send them to school anyway on these days off.  By the time the authorities figure out our harmless little “misunderstanding” we will have bought at least four hours of solitude.

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