Stupid weather.


So, because this blog is rather topical and amusing and not at all serious, and because I regularly read Lamebook and Failbook, I shall not blog about a) work, b) politics, c) whatever might pass as my intimate life, or d) anything illegal.  Sadly, I don’t really do anything illegal, my intimate life is hopefully of interest only to myself and The Hypothetical Other Participant, I dislike politics, and confidentiality forbids me from posting anything about work anyway other than that I have a job of some kind and that it is in fact some kind of job that I have.  Where I do job-related things, with others who have jobs also.

Sometimes we might also gather off-site and participate in non-job-related activities such as the consumption of certain types of beverages, but this is also hypothetical and usually related in some way to the fact that we have jobs, usually by the departure of one of us from the job to go to some other job.  And again, what with my intrinsic tedium, I usually just have a soft drink. And occasionally tater tots, if we go to that one place where they have them.

What a gripping life I do lead.

So that leaves me with children, the weather, hobbies, pets, family, etc to blog about.  This is actually an enormous relief since I’m not exactly all about controversy.

In the interests of giving you something to read about, then, here it is: it is freezing-raining, but it’s supposed to melt later and so we’ll all have to go to work anyway.

Stupid weather.

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