There shall be video.


So we both want to get Kindles but can’t really justify it, between the various things we’re paying off and the unpaid time off we’ve both had to take and all that sort of rot.

We did ask for, and did receive, some Amazon gift cards to put toward this eventual purchase but had accumulated only enough to purchase one Kindle.   The thought of getting one for oneself while the other party suffered through having to read actual books (I’m kidding, I love actual books, it’s just the sleek portability of potentially one’s entire library that is coercing me to the Dark Side, I swear it) kind of sucked the joy out of the situation, so we compromised.

As you all know, compromise is when neither party really gets what they want, and both go away dissatisfied.

But in this instance we can at least be soothed by the shiny new miniature technology in our midst!

Instead of Kindles, we got a Flip Slide HD video camera.  It’s tiny and cute and takes four hours of video and stills and did I mention how tiny and cute it is?  Now we can record the children being amusing and the cat being amusing and natural disasters being amusing being impressive and police misbehaving protecting and serving and hopefully one of the neighbors picking their nose or something.

I’m kidding, of course.  Natural disasters aren’t amusing and I have little beef with the police (inevitable pork reference should go here but I’m trying to cut down on bacon jokes).  But you get the idea.

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