Everything Old


Everything old is new again, so they say.

I’m waiting expectantly for this renewal; the past few months have not been so friendly to me, physically speaking, with an extra special digestive tweak in particular, and I want my old intestinal system back.  And while we’re at it let’s throw in some other perks like my hair color and girlish figure.

At any rate, no miraculous recovery occurred last night as the magical New Year came into being.  Maybe I should have stayed up to ring it in.  Alas, we elderly folk can’t handle erratic sleep patterns like the whippersnappers we once were, and by 10pm the Lovely Rhonda and I were both too pooped to party.  Plus she had to get up in the frozen dawn to scurry off to work.  I had originally intended to stay up, but you know how it goes, right?  Nobody to party with, the bed calling wantonly from the other room, the knowledge that children have no mercy whatsoever and will be up at their maddeningly early usual time.  When Rhonda’s alarm went off at 5:30am we both woke and commented that we’d neither of us so much as moved all night.

Of course, the fourteen pound behemoth cat laying across our feet probably helped that.  But judging from the drooly delicious fuzzy-headedness I was in, I’d say it was sheer exhaustion.

Often when Rhonda leaves I am unable to fall back to sleep but this was not the morning for that, no sir!  My next coherent thought occurred at eight o’clock when piercing little-girl voices heralded the New Year from the living room.  The little darlings were playing amongst themselves.

Today the littlest girls will go off to their dad’s and then Elder Spawn and I will take in a showing of “Tangled.”  It’s a nice way to start the new year off right.

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