The Dancing Panties


So we took the Collective Spawn ™ over to a friend’s house yesterday, dressed them in new holiday-themed pajamas, and placed them on a table so that the friend could take photos of them.  She has a kick-ass fancy camera and we want to send out photos in our Christmas (and other holidays /take your pick /sliding scale /no holiday turned away for lack of funds /child care provided /interpreted for the hearing impaired) cards.

It’s not the easiest thing in the world to get three children ages 6, 5 and 3 to smile winsomely for the camera.  In fact, just getting them to look in the general direction of the camera was challenging much of the time.  At any given moment at least one child, if not two or all three, would be looking elsewhere, closing their eyes, or (and this was my favorite) reaching for the camera.  As if anyone would hand them a seven hundred dollar digital camera, let alone the owner of the camera itself.  Do we look stupid to you?

Anyway, I searched around the room for something to attract their attention and make them smile and happened upon a spare pair of tot-sized Disney-themed underpants laying on the counter.  (When you travel with a 3-year-old, you travel prepared or you hope you have a plastic bag in the car so you don’t have to dismantle the car seat and wash its cover.  Again.)

Look!  Dancing underpants!  Look!  You guys!

It was like I was waving the most hilarious thing ever in the air above the photographer’s head.  Indeed, I was waving the most hilarious thing ever.  What’s funnier than underpants?

Oh, it gets better.  Before the photo shoot was over all three adults in attendance had worn, if only briefly (ha ha), the underpants on their heads.

In fact, The Lovely Rhonda wore them for extended periods of time, to the point that I was beginning to wonder if professional intervention was in order.  Not to worry, I have her under close observation for now…


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