Serenity at last


Last August we had a dirty garage, a smelly damp shed, an overgrown yard, and a dream.

And somewhat less money and time than we anticipated needing.



(Insert clip art pictures of an empty wallet with moths coming out of it and a clock with wings on it here)

But we pressed on, and soon the shed was gone, the yard was clean, and the walls began to go up.  Before we knew it (0kay, six weeks later), there was sheetrock and a new window and all kinds of good things.

New window

Mudding and taping!


And then the rug guy came and wrestled the rug into submission, and suddenly we had trim and light fixtures and things, and yesterday Kenny put up the curtain rod and helped me haul the bed in there so I could surprise Rhonda with the nearly-complete new bedroom that has suddenly winked into existence.

All that remains to be done is a light fixture, some temporary siding for the exterior, and other fiddling details.

It’s so peaceful in there with just the bed that we’re not in that big  hurry to move much else in.  Well, that’s the excuse we’re using.  The reality is that we’re busy people, working and dealing with kid things and holidays, and the old bedroom is a depressing heap of shoes and laundry and dressers covered in whatever that junk is that dressers collect.

But someday soon, we’ll get it all straightened out.

Just not today.


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