I think it’s finally fall.


The cats are in the house more often, suddenly, and one of them insists on laying across my forearms on the table as I sit at my computer.

There is a certain amount of rain falling, and the leaves are slowly turning, and a person’s mind turns to putting all the yard stuff away and taking down the hoses and putting those styrofoam doo-dads over the taps.  (We always called them Dolly Partons, but perhaps that’s too suggestive for today’s blog audience.  Well, too bad, read someone else’s blog!)

Tomorrow morning I begin a new phase wherein I work Monday through Friday like much of the rest of the civilized world.  It happens that this job is like, grown-up and stuff, and there will be meetings and things, and the main thing is that it does NOT involve working nights or weekends.  And I like that.  A lot.

And I suppose that since this is happening when the rain begins and the leaves fall, it feels a bit like when school starts.  It feels familiar and comfortable.

Orientation is tomorrow, and there will be many papers to sign (in which I agree not to blab my clients’ business, unless it is to protect them, and only then to the appropriate authorities, and also that I Will Not Use Social Media Inappropriately, and that I understand that I can be fired if I screw up enough times, and so forth), and long boring trainings to sit through regarding same.  It’s the same the working world over, lest ye think I am making my new/old/once and familiar employer out to be more tedious than any other: ye be mistaken, it is no more or less tedious than any agency of a few thousand people.  Corporate culture be damned!

And now to finish with dinner, if I can pry this cat off of me.  Another reason to love fall.

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