On the rental of cars, and some other stuff


So a couple days ago the car began to blow hot air from its air conditioner and then proceeded to overheat.  We bustled it directly into the shop but it being a Friday, and a holiday weekend, they didn’t have a lot of time to get much of a look at it.  And of course it wouldn’t overheat again, no, that would be far too straightforward and righteous, so it’ll have to remain at the shop for a few days so they can check it out.  It’s a nine-year-old Mazda so I’d just as soon they got it all straightened out before I take it out on the road again.

Naturally Rhonda hopped on Ye Olde Intertewbs and secured a hot car rental deal since we need two cars to deal with our crappy work schedules.  And since my ego is obviously not so highly developed that I require anything nice to drive, we opted for the Chevy El Cheapo Aveo.

On the plus side, you can get replacement tires at Home Depot in the wheelbarrow section.

Friends, this is a perfectly adequate car.  Are you looking for a responsive, powerful ride that handles like it’s on rails?  Well then go rent something else, because this little beauty is just the thing for driving to church, the post office, and the hairdresser, with maybe a wanton stop at the (gasp!) grocery store on the way home!   I’m not sure but I think it might be the official car of the Association of Retired Librarians.  (No offense to any librarians that might read this, it’s just the stereotype talking)

To back my boastful claims of its extreme luxury and lavish appointments, I offer exhibit A, something I have not seen in the wild for some time: the manual window handle.

As I understand it, you have to "turn" this "handle."

Exhibit B, for your perusal: the manual mirror adjustment handle.  Again, quite rare — grasp and manipulate slowly or you’ll spook it!


And lastly, Exhibit C: the elusive manual door lock.  No sudden moves!  They are known to bolt!

There are FOUR of these! And you have to push EACH ONE SEPARATELY!

Okay, so I know not everybody has power windows, mirrors and door locks, but having driven the Mazda all these years this is like a bucket of cold water over my head.  Not only that but I’m impressed by the rental agency’s subtle reminder:

I'm not sure what they are getting at here.

Nevertheless, I’m grateful for the cheap rental car and it really will get me where I need to go for a few days for a surprisingly low price.  And who doesn’t love that new car smell?

In other news, my birthday is Tuesday but since I’m working that night and all next weekend, we kind of celebrated it today.  Cheap movie (“How to Train Your Dragon” which I have seen before and loved, and which Rhonda had not seen and also loved once she did see it), sushi, and a visit from The Purse Fairy.  Yay birthdays!

They didn't have anything more colorful than this.

Except this.

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