The dog that trots about


Once upon a time my mom and I had a poster with a bunch of sayings on it and one of them was, “The dog that trots about finds a bone.”  A quick google search of this attributes it to either Golda Meir or gypsies.  Whatever.

I love my job, and the people I work with, and I’m paid well, but ugh.  The nights are playing such hell with my body, and it’s only .6 FTE, which means less in the way of benefits.  Certainly if I can wait around long enough I can get a full time gig there, as it is seniority based, but the question is, can I wait that long?

At this point it’s a perfectly adequate job, we’ll manage on it, but each week is an ordeal of hoping I can sleep the day after a night shift, and living the topsy turvy life is not coming easy.  Perhaps with some practice…

In the meantime, I am Facebook friends with some of the people I’ve worked with at MegaCorp Mental Health, Inc., and got a heads up that a full time job was in the offing.  So I applied for it.

There are a few conditions that must be met before I’ll consider it, but looking is free, and I’ve put in a lot of time at MegaCorp.  None of that means anything on any official level but it’s familiar territory, at least.

And as someone said to me recently, if opportunity is knocking, shouldn’t I at least answer?


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