I’m not a good loafer.  Oh sure, I can waste time in front of the computer like anybody’s business, but that still involves attention and sitting upright and stuff like that.  And then I get all multi-tasky: I could be doing laundry!  The dishes are calling me!  Isn’t it about time to organize the kids’ art supplies?  So a day of “loafing” ends with all kinds of stuff done.

This is normally a good thing, but I’ve been sick for about a month now with some mysterious horrible virus.  It’s the basic upper-respiratory thing but because I now work nights and don’t sleep well during the day, and am somewhat anemic due to Things You Don’t Want To Know Anything About, I just can’t seem to kick it.  So what is really called for is extreme loafage.  Full-contact, no-holds-barred, combat loafage.

Yesterday I tried to loaf, but my ear was bothering me a lot (pretty sure it was a blocked Eustachian tube) and the house was a mess and I just didn’t do a great job of relaxing.

Today, though, I actually managed to sleep in a bit, and then in the afternoon when my plans had been derailed by the tub faucet malfunction I found that I was sleepy… so sleepy… and I crawled into bed and read for a while with a cat purring on my shoulder, and before I knew it — I was loafing!  And then napping!

There is hope for me after all!


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