I’m not the girl I used to be.


So I’m sitting at home drinking some nice French press waiting for our sidingwallah and general handyman to arrive and rescue me from this house.

A few weeks ago he happened to still be here in the evening when we found that the bathtub cold water spigot would not turn off.  He called a friend who knows about these things and after a quick trip to the hardware store and a minor expenditure for rubber washers and a new stem, he had it working again.

All was rainbows and unicorns until we started having some difficulty getting it to regulate.  It became trickier and trickier to get the temperature correct for a shower.  And this morning I was all set to race through the shower and rush off to church when I found that the cold water once again won’t turn off all the way.

Kenny is on his way, because he is a thoroughly decent guy, and I did make an attempt to go out front and turn the water off at the source.  I did.  But it’s not just a simple matter of opening a little metal cover and turning a knob.  No, you need a wrench, and the inside of that hatch is deep and dirty and damp and has slugs in it.  I had a wrench that might have been sufficient, but between the dirt, the damp, the slugs, and the not-knowing which way to turn the doohickey inside, I just walked away.  Once upon a time I might have given it a try, but today I’m not feeling well and have a headache, and help is on the way, and it’s turning out to be worth the extra couple bucks’ worth of water running down the drain to not have to lay down on the dry grass and stick my arm into a cold dark smelly slimy hole and thrash a wrench around ineffectively.

And now to sip more coffee and feel wretched.

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