State Fair! A Photo essay.


So we packed up the youngsters and hauled them more than an hour south to the Oregon State Fair.   We had a three-point plan: Dinosaur exhibit, petting zoo, rides.  Seeing as the youngest is 3, and the oldest a mere 6, we didn’t feel inclined to trudge through every barn full of animals (“Look, kids!  Another chicken!”) or craft projects or geegaw booths.  Although heaven knows we could use some Magic Towels and Super Squeegees and Wonder Mops around here.

First stop: Dinosaur exhibit.  This was actually pretty fun, a bunch of dramatically-lit, motion-sensor-activated animatronic life-sized dinosaur models.  Fairly reasonably priced, too, only 13 bucks for the whole crew.  The older girls thought it was totally badass but the youngest found it to be a bit unsettling.


We then moved on to the petting zoo, where we found not just the usual selection of goats and sheep and pot-bellied pigs, but a few deer and a couple of wallabies!  The deer liked to chew on clothing while the wallabies liked to stare off into space or hang around in pouches.

Mustn't... make... eye... contact...

Wallaby pouch/deer chew toy

The goats were not shy and knocked more than one kid over if they thought food might be forthcoming.

Comin' through!

After a delightful fifteen minutes spent obtaining a liberal coating of livestock spittle and sawdust, we moved on (after visiting the thoughtfully placed HANDWASHING CHALLENGE! trailer) to enjoy the obligatory elephant ear and scone.  The youngest marked the occasion by wetting her pants.  This is par for the course lately so Rhonda immediately mobilized.  Potty training knows no bounds!

We happened to stumble across a clown show for kiddies.  I’d show you the picture but I’m pretty sure it’ll be our Christmas card photo this year.  Instead, here is Rhonda channeling her true identity.

She starts online clown school in the fall.

Then it was on to our final stop, the rides.  We went ahead and took out that second mortgage so the kids could have some fun.  And they did!

Glittery pink motorcycles for everyone!

I’m pretty sure they had fun.  Two-thirds of them were asleep within fifteen minutes of getting into the car.

But I'm not tired!


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