Victory Shall Be Mine!


Loaded up the Elder Spawn and went to the Ye Olde Outlette Shoppe Malle this afternoon for some power shopping.  We hit paydirt at the first shoppe!

Oshkosh had some great stuff, cute but not too “adult”, and the prices were fantastic!  Look!  I’m gushing!  Somebody stop me!

And I registered my email address with them (painless and can be un-registered if necessary) for coupons and got a 20% off coupon that I could use on the spot!  Gah!  STOP THE EXCLAMATION POINT MADNESS!!! But I can’t help it!

So for a hundred bucks we got two skirt and top outfits, a dress and leggings outfit, two pairs of tights, two pairs of jeans, and a Halloween themed long sleeve shirt.  That, my friends, is not bad.

Then we went and found her two pairs of shoes at another store.  School shopping is done!  Just like that! (She still has lots of other clothes that fit from last year, and a jacket, so I really just wanted to get her something cute for the new school year.)

And I filled my exclamation point quota for the day!  Yay!


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  1. That’s a great haul!

    My daughter’s school district requires “uniforms,” which actually works out pretty great, IMHO. The kids can wear khaki or navy bottoms (pants, shorts, skorts), and red, navy, light blue, or white tops. No logos, no t-shirts. Except on Fridays, when they can wear jeans and school spirit or plain (approved colors) t-shirts.

    And WalMart and Target have racks and racks and racks of the stuff for like $6 for each item.

    So then I can turn my attention to other things, like the other ways the school system is failing (nearly 2 weeks of school have been cut here for budget reasons… sigh).

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