School Shopping, part deux


So, I have a six year old.  She’s large, for six.  She’s about 4’3″ and 65 pounds, and wears about size 8 clothing. 

And thus we begin the school shopping season with the usual complaints: children’s clothing for toddlers, up to 5T, is so cute.  It’s child-appropriate and reasonably inexpensive.  My only complaint about it is that the girl shorts are so much shorter than the boy shorts, and the girl pants tend to be more fitted than the boy pants (and therefore fit differently and sometimes don’t fit well at all).

This only gets much, much worse when you hit the larger sizes.  Little girls are expected to wear these tiny shorts and close-fitting shirts while boys get the usual cargo-type shorts and standard t-shirts.  Girls’ pants have a lower rise and are more flimsy, and waaaay more buttcrack shows when they squat down.  Girls’ dresses are all this Hannah Montana type crap, very insubstantial and too grown-up for age six.  Where are the normal clothes?  Jumper dresses and long sleeves? 

The answer to that is, in the more expensive shops.  And it’s irritating to spend that much money on something that will fit for maybe six months. 

Times like this I wish I could sew.


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