Home day


Today, I’m staying home.  Well, sort of.  I don’t stay home well.  When I’m sick, unless I’m very sick, I don’t rest well.  Right now I’m just sick, not very sick, so I’m restless.  I’ve done a bunch of laundry, I tidied up some odds and ends, and really I could spend the whole rest of the day cleaning this house, but instead I’m going to go school shopping for Elder Spawn.  Just school supplies, which are now so not satisfying to buy.  Nowadays they pool supplies, so it’s pointless to buy fancy pencils or cute stuff like that, knowing it’ll just go into a big pile.

What I really want to do is rearrange the living room, but there is a dilemma.  The TV is a big older one, not a sleek wall-mounted number like the rest of the civilized world has nowadays, and it sits on a sort of coffee table thingy angled into the only real corner of the living room.  So if I move it to a different area of the room, we’ll be stuck looking at its big black plastic ventilated backside.  And the placement of the TV dictates the whole rest of the room.  So no rearranging for me.  Besides which, the other piece of furniture that needs moving is very large and heavy and I couldn’t move it on my own anyway.

So, I’m just sitting here.  Restless.  Not in the mood for cleaning.  Sick.  And I have to work tonight.


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