The March of Progress, in pictures


So, the World’s Biggest and Bluest Dropbox EVAIR is completely full of junk.  Brush, debris, the old doghouse that the dog hated, miscellaneous bits of this and that, the remains of the Moldy Old Shed…  The garbage company is coming to get it today, and so our street will be restored to its previous state of non-big-blue-dropboxedness.

It couldn't eat another bite.

The shed is gone and the new window has been placed, and of course wiring has been rerouted, entirely by the homeowners because otherwise we would need a permit.

New window to right, old to left.

We made a strong showing in the yard work front on Day 1 of the project, but this flagged slightly thereafter, resulting in the hiring of the two hardest-working yard guys ever to come and lay waste to the jungles of suburbia.  They toiled all day on Sunday, topping the arborvitae, trimming the trees and bushes — ALL of them, and there are plenty, believe me — removing one tree altogether, and scraping all the weeds and junk out of the many corners and crevices of the property.  It’s a nice quarter-acre sized lot so the backyard now looks hunormous, and words fail me in describing the relief we feel at having all the junk gone.

Once a 3' tall brush pile!

The Cousin It tree looks quite saucy with its new haircut.  Who knew a decorative rock rested at its feet?

It was grounded until it got a haircut.

There was a very oddly shaped workbench along the east wall of the garage, below the window, that had to be eliminated.  The Best Siding-Wallah in the World, our handyman Kenny, made it even and level and gorgeous and sexy and placed it in what will be the adorable Mini-Garage ™.

The bikes are glaring at me for disturbing them so early.

What makes him the best siding-wallah?  When he did the siding on my old house, he would knock off every day at naptime so Elder Spawn could sleep.  And he does things like this workbench, or our new shelf above the laundry.

No, I'm not going to paint it.

He even wraps the water heater in the insulated jacket kit that we bought but never installed, and without being asked!

Ready for winter!

So there’s the latest, and if you’re bored to tears then I recommend someone else’s blog, someone who lives in a smart little condo and owns a pug and has no children, and who goes to the cinema and dashes about in taxis.  This blog is clearly for boring old people with mortgages and responsibilities, and to whom home improvement and yard work are at least necessary evils, if not interesting.  (But secretly we find it interesting shh don’t tell)

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  1. Wow Ladies! Looks like this has been a home improvement summer! I’m sorry I didn’t stop by during this mess, but Im sure there will be more projects in the future! Good job on everything! I am excited for your partay! And Deb I love your wordiness!

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