Busy Little Beavers


So we started our Garage Remodel 2010! Project ™, in which the garage shall be sundered in twain and a room shall be created in the near half and an adorable mini-garage in the far half.

The purpose of this is many-splendored.  We are importing a squatter from down south, a friend who wishes to relocate, and he shall occupy this room until he tires of us, after which time we will use the room for an office/playroom/craft room/junk magnet.  His fondest wish is that we should create the room out of the entire garage, but that would involve far more work and expense than we can spare.  Also, in order to make the room pleasant and airy and light we must tear the rotting old shed off the end of the house, and then we would have nowhere to store our outdoor junk and other baubles and suchlike: bicycles, lawnmower, the usual.

So, the squatter gets about half the garage and our other junk gets the rest, ha ha ha.

In the planning of this project we decided to rent a dropbox (i.e. big giant dumpster) and take this opportunity to rid our estate of all the debris that clutters it, mainly a) slovenly heaps of  materials removed in various remodeling projects that took place before the bloodless coup and b) yard debris of all types that must first be excised from the yard.

The Biggest and Bluest Dropbox ever!

When I arrived home from work yesterday morning I took a few moments to marvel at its largeness.  And its blueness.  Did I mention it was very large, and quite emphatically blue?

The night before last we spent a carefree hour or two removing smelly junk from the shed.  The shed predates Rhonda’s original purchase of the house four years ago and had some moisture issues, making it a dank, horrible, musty abomination.  I’m sure in its day when it was a stoutly built young stud of a shed  it was perfectly viable, but those days were long gone.  It was furthermore filled with such useful items as the old bathroom cabinetry (circa 1975), an artificial pre-lit Christmas tree, used once and still in the box but inexplicably strewn across the floor by the ex when he came to pick up a table stored there, several nearly-empty or empty bottles of toxic yard chemicals such as Round-Up, and let us not forget the various types of random garbage, mostly foam pads and moving blankets (some new in the package) once used in the ex’s business (now defunct).  It made a satisfying pile in the side yard.

All ashore that's going ashore!

Yesterday afternoon we completed emptying the shed and our siding-wallah Kenny began dismantling it.  I swear the angels chorused when sunlight broke through the roof and touched the moldering ground once again.

Up next: the yard!


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