Mama, there’s a problem.


Elder Spawn: Mama, there’s a problem with a movie and my diet.

Me: Oh, what’s that?

ES: Well, there’s this movie coming out called Dogs And Cats?  And they are putting the toys in the meals only at Burger King.  But I don’t think I like Burger King food.

Me: Well, we can’t buy meals that you won’t eat just for the toys.

ES: *cries*

This is a follow-up to a conversation we had last night in which she marveled that she did not like McDonald’s food until they began putting How To Train Your Dragon toys in the Happy Meals, and hey!  Of coursely she began to like their food!

Funny how that works.

Maybe I should start serving meals here with premiums.  Of coursely she will start to like meatloaf and mashed potatoes!

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