It’s Tuesday


Which means The Game is down for maintenance.  Rhonda is home, having been called off, and Elder Spawn is here a day early, so we three sit jacked in to our laptops in full TimeWasting mode.

We have errands to run today, and there is always yard work to do, cleaning, tending to the tedious upkeep of the home, etc.

When it gets to be a drag I remind myself how much more rewarding it is to keep up this home, with its yard and its three bedrooms and its laundry facilities, than it was to swill out the cramped, crappy apartment we squeezed ourselves into for that last year of nursing school.  Let us be grateful for that which we have, for so often it is better than what we used to have, not to mention we are lucky to have anything at all.  (Don’t make me tell stories about that cardboard box we lived in, in the middle of the intersection, and how it was up hill both ways in the snow and all that)

Tomorrow afternoon we depart for camp, wherein we shall be Camp Nurses, that our offspring might play in the healthful and fascinating out-of-doors.  We’re trying to remember why we thought this would be fun, in that we must all sleep (ha!) in the same room and there is (gasp!) NO INTERNET, but since we’ve committed to it I guess we should see it through.  I understand we might sit around the table manipulating small pieces of pasteboard emblazoned with arcane symbols, which strikes me as an odd pastime for a church camp, but we’ll just see how this “cribbage” thing works anyway.

And now to pack the several hundred items required for Adequate Parenting, including but not limited to SPF 9billion sunscreen, first aid kits (we are nurses after all), flashlights, jellybeans, flyswatters, crayons, graham crackers, bowling balls, dry socks, turnip twaddlers, yogurt squirters, etc.  Wish us luck!


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