Yard Work


So today I was finally feeling well enough to go out and tackle the back yard.  I mowed the front on Saturday during a brief moment of sunshine, but then the rain and the cold symptoms returned in force.  At last, today is cloudy but warm and dry, and although I am still feeling pretty snotty and coughing a bit, I decided to get my mow on.

It’s been some time since we last mowed the back, and the grass is over a foot tall in places.  Many, many places.  Our mower is valiant but has its limits and so it took me nearly two hours to get the main part of the grass under control.  Then I got this wild hair and decreed that the sandbox could no longer stay where it was, and using an ingenious method (mostly consisting of swearing and scooping buckets of sand into a rickety wheelbarrow and grunting a lot) I accomplished that.  Then I got all distracted with the huge laurel hedge or whatever (okay, so I’m not a botanist) that fell down a couple of months ago.

Out come the loppers and the yard debris can and the gloves, and now half of the bush is in the can and the other half waits for me to return from picking up the Elder Spawn from her school bus.

I’m not sure where this burst of yard-work-frenzy is coming from but I’m riding it, my friends.


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