Raining, Pouring


So, I’m a nurse.  I’m a new nurse, still all shiny in the package, shrink wrap hasn’t even been cracked yet.  I’m a new nurse (licensed in January) who needs a job.

Okay, needed a job.  Because today I got two job offers within about 90 minutes.

One job is oncall at an inpatient alcohol/drug program, and the other is at a private psychiatric hospital.  That one may be full time although I won’t know for a while.  And I’m still waiting for word on another position for which I am in the final cut as far as candidacy goes.

So, a hundred years ago in my misspent youth I decided I would NEVER be a nurse.

Then I went to nursing school, and said that I would NEVER work in mental health.

Now I’m saying that I’m NEVER going to be a filthy rich world traveling misanthrope.

Just sayin’.

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