Cold Feet


So, I’m getting married tomorrow.

Well, as married as the law currently allows in the state of Washington.

Me and the Ol’ Ball and Chain are heading up to Olympia to register our partnership.  And while this is important and to be celebrated, it’s hardly a romantic occasion, considering that our options for registration are to appear in person and turn the forms in (along with our check for fifty dollars cash American) or submit them via the US Postal Service.  Soon to be available by internet!  So this reminds me more of renewing my driver’s license than of declaring my undying love for another.  But, it will grant us some important (albeit limited and not nearly comprehensive as that of a heterosexual couple getting married, not that I’m bitter) rights, and symbolically it’s pretty groovy, so off we go.

We do plan to have a real wedding, a church wedding if you can imagine, with like dresses and flowers and all that happy stuff.  But we’re saving up for it so we can do it right, and thus it won’t happen this year.

As for cold feet, the only ones I have are from assembling a trampoline for the kids in the back yard until it got chilly out.

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